(Berlin) Stand Up – 19 July 2012

People have been working really hard! Feel free to work at home or take the day off.


  • Worked with School of Open – did a use case on what a person who might come to School of Open might want
  • Staff meeting
  • Tech support
  • Talked to Mozilla about badges
  • Today: finally get to metrics and work on pages and websites
  • Finally made sense of the brainstorming – we have a clear framework about what is and isn’t part of School of Open
  • Today: community outreach, digital sprint prep, flesh out course outlines
  • Also talk about CC license for p2pu today at lunch! Interested in BY versus BY-SA
  • School of Open
  • Today: Talk with Alan about Open Masters program
  • Figured out and got WP (WordPress) multitype working
  • Invited to a Hub Berlin meeting
  • Discussion about project-based learning – turning the process of reading projects into learning experience that graduates into P2PU labs
  • Today: continue to work with WP
  • Paul brainstorming session about where we want to take platform technically
  • Identified technical software
  • Today: working on that and other small things, plus today my help desk day
  • Worked with Alex on learn page
  • Did benchmark UX guidelines
  • Working onb adges in parallel
  • Today: UX guidelines – other pages
  • Brainstorming session with Dirk and created future of P2PU’s technical future
  • Identified a number of key steps, idea is to incrementally move towards direction we know we want to go in
  • Today: refactoring all our database code, refactoring all our business logic
  • Day off yesterday
  • Today: badges and course review community discussion, help desk with Dirk to take over more admin-y stuff, sort out mailing lists, templates, generally catch up on emails
  • Staff meeting
  • Mozilla meeting about badges
  • Assessment plan
  • Niels’ sous chef, but not really
  • Learning activity on project-based learning, hope it was useful for Alex
  • Today: Community call at 5pm, Jesse has a research workshop – think about research questions – something you’d like to know more about
  • Worked a little on my course evaluation process
  • Got beef on stove for dinner – needed 6.5 hours
  • Today: what we’ll do with course evaluation process, tried to make sense of it  yesterday but it ties into so many different things (design, user interface, ideas about what p2pu does and what it should do) – so will try to figure that out today withs ome group discussion
  • Didn’t feel very well, was working from home
  • Nice choosing language section
  • Finished with Joao the learn page
  • Today: finish some other pages which will prob be something about developing a course
Alex K
  • Proof of concept for superimposing pictures on peoples faces that could be potentially used for icebreakers
  • Got feedback on current theme of dev site, logged errors, etc.
  • Today: incorporate feedback on mentor site today, talk with tech guys – see which way i should go to get fastest thing done, continuing ice breakers, get more polished version of superimpositioning
  • What piet and molly and philipp said
  • Decided that i should work on an open governance course with philipp for running the School of Open
  • Today: work on prepping for digital sprint, communications around School, working on CC license course, fleshing out guidelines for what is and is not a School of Open course

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