Sneak Peek at the P2PU Mentorship Program

by Alex Kehayias

The P2PU Mentorship program, a free service that connects people to mentors, is almost ready for the public! The development version is now available for your feedback and review at Click around and let us know what you think. Tweet @alexkehayias with your thoughts/bugs/kudos. The development version is being actively worked on and will be changing and breaking frequently 🙂

What is it?
Mentorship is an important part to learning a challenging new skill. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could connect online, for free, with experts who can help guide you along the way towards learning to code or writing poetry? The P2PU Mentorship program helps connect people who are committed to learning with mentors who are ready to share their knowledge to help you reach your learning goal.
Committed to Learning
The P2PU Mentorship program is serious about helping those committed to learning. Since high quality mentors are in high demand, we’ve come up with a way to help you get noticed and bump you up the list to be mentored. You’ll get a custom web page to share your learning goal with your friends and family so they can show their support for you. Each supporter you get bumps you up the priority list and shows you commitment to learning.
Calling All Mentors
Being a good mentor is almost as hard as finding the right people to mentor. The P2PU Mentorship program identifies the best candidates looking for a mentor with your expertise. We’ve all struggled to learn one thing or another in our life. Help your peers get over that hump and guide them towards achieving their goal.

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