Frameworks, Icebreakers, Brainstorming–Oh My!!

Notes by Vanessa

Yesterday: Dirk’s performance
Today: working with School of Open

Yesterday: School of Open–balancing act between brainstorming abstract and granular
Today: Make sense of the brainstorming, something usable & actionable

Yesterday: Course promotion tweets and blogging
Today: Taking some well-deserved time off, celebrating Nelson Mandela’s bday, staff meeting

Yesterday: Particle Quest & pixel art
Today: Meeeeeeeeeetings & art

Yesterday: People page & CSS framework (using Bootstrap)
Today: People page & CSS framework (using Bootstrap)

Yesterday: getting up to speed on P2PU developments in past 2 years
Today: Geeking out with Dirk to move things in a more modular direction, working with Chris on CSS framework moving forward

Yesterday: Performance goals and chat with Alan about Open Masters
Today: Meeeeeeeeeeetings & communicate tech plan

Yesterday: talking to Dirk & Alex about portfolios going in the mentorship platform–using a WordPress multisite
Today: More WordPress (mmmmmmmm)

Yesterday: Finished up mechanical MOOC (included a Vanilla Ice vid)
Today: Checking out Waffles (feature deployer for and working on Hackathon Planet

Yesterday: Finished my UX checklist & working with Alex
Today: Page design in Photoshop

Yesterday: Finally got everything up on people page, talking to people about discovery process, looking at courses
Today: Making a clear story about discovery and how it could be better

Yesterday: got Mentorship stuff up on Dev server, plan to share with P2PU community
Today: notifications API, multi-login, ice breakers page

Yesterday: Working with Pieter
Today: Do what Jane tells me to do–community engagement, virtual sprint stuff, connecting with Open Michigan stuff

Yesterday: Revised draft charter, explored the difference between what open experts need and how “normal” people can use open in their everyday lives
Today: finish Skills map, and other agenda items

Yesterday: meeting with Philipp about performance and assessment, meeting about collaboration curriculum, assessment, popping in on School of Open
Today: Meeeeeeeeeeeetings, assessment plan, talking to Mozilla about badges

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