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Since we last spoke, your peers have created more than 65 new courses on P2PU. We’d like to share with you our top picks of what your peers have to offer!

In addition to new offerings, we’ve been putting in the hours to help your peers design better courses. We’ve created a space for peers to design badges, too. Most of the community is currently in Berlin where they’re hacking their way towards a better UX and designing schools of the future, like School of Data and School of Open.


Build the Last Language Textbook

Be part of the campaign to jump start collaborative language education online and learn how to share your language with the world. Create 100% free and re-mixable language lessons to teach the world your language.

Take your first steps as a data wrangler. Search, find, retrieve,  analyze and present data that shows something unique about your country. This course will help you realize how much you know already. By running  through a few straightforward tasks, you’ll download data, find  interesting things in the data, and share them with your peers.
This challenge will walk you through the steps needed to have your very  own first mobile app developed for the Android platform using the MIT  App Inventor. No previous programming experience needed, and if you  don’t have a phone you can use the emulator provided.


Accounting Jargon
Puzzled about the words used in the accounting jargon? Pretty sure it is not just gibberish? Expand your vocabulary now! Learn the terms and concepts behind financial accounting.


Take baby steps to learn how 3D Printing works and take an idea  from zero to reality, fabricate & manufacture at home. With the help of an online browser based 3D modeling tool, we will be able to create 3D jewels and sculpture in no time. Learn the skills before it become mandatory. Be a stealth ninja ahead of the chase!


E-mail in its default configuration is not secure. In this challenge we will walk you thought the steps necessary to secure  your e-mail using the Mozilla Thunderbird email application.


This group is a forum for Connected Educator Month in August. There are a variety of topics you can explore and participate in at your option. Newbies and already connected educators welcome


Writing for the Web
Writing for the web requires a new set of skills. Wondering how to make the  shift? Interested in writing for a digital audience? Not sure about  expressing your ideas and opinions in a public forum? This challenge is  for you. In this challenge, you’ll discover how to write for the web,  engage others in a dialogue, get up to speed on netiquette, and share  your ideas.  You’ll acquire instincts about web writing that will guide you as mediums and formats change.


Curating Content
How  many times have you tried to check a quick fact online and then lost   an hour following links and checking unhelpful websites? The   proliferation of paid search results and content mills makes it   difficult to find what you want. Like traditional museum and gallery   curators, digital curators acquire useful works and artifacts that fit   into their collections. Get started organizing online content and  explore curation tools in Curating Content.


P2PU Course Designer

If you are looking to connect with others interested in teaching  similar topics, get feedback on your design and understand the learning theory behind Courses, then go ahead and start your first task!


This Challenge will walk you through all the steps needed to create a  badge for P2PU. It will provide links to all resources needed, including  Open Source software, font files, and initial templates. You will need a  bit of creativity and a bit of patience if you haven’t done any  graphics work before.


Head over to to see the full list of offerings from your peers. And while you’re at it, invite a friend! Here’s some information for you to share with friends and family about P2PU:

P2PU is a lab for the future of learning. Our community members design free courses, use open learning materials and collaboratively build our open platform. You can find a P2PU community member on every non-polar continent, and visit the site in 5 languages. Our community is open and volunteer driven. Involvement starts with participating in courses and moves deeper into designing courses, working on site development and influencing governance choices for the community.

About Courses & Challenges

There are no limitations to the subjects that can be learned at P2PU. You’ll find schools focused on the future of web development, mathematics, big data, and education. You’ll find a multitude of courses and challenges for subjects you didn’t even know you could master – like accounting jargon, conspiracy theory, open mapping and poetic thinking. For learners, the P2PU experience is not like any other. Though self-direction is needed, collaboration is key. Work is peer assessed and credit is given in the form of badges – emblems of accomplishment that you can carry across the web.  Badges are designed by the community and given by peers. Courses are improved by the peers who take them, and can be remixed and remastered by anyone.

Why Join

At P2PU we believe everyone has something to offer. Come learn from our amazing community, and in turn let us learn from you! We are not just a platform, we are a community driven to redefine and expand how we learn and who we learn with.

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