Better Looking, Better Learning III

Connecting ideas is all about decoding complexity. Making things simple to use and to live with. Having relevant, meaningful interactions.

Having that in mind, we continue our adventure through some Berliner design thinking sessions. This is our third post out of a series of we-don’t-know-how-many-posts-yet. Lots of work has been done and there’s lot more to be taken into schedule. We got into turbo mode for the last days in order to summarize the first phase of the process – discover – and get ideas generated and connected. As these are imaterial parts of a design thinking project, they tend to be a bit difficult to understand and to have proof of value (as you actually don’t see them come to the material world so soon).

But fear not, because action is ready to begin!

If you wish to contribute, your first step is taking a quick look around our trip journal at the Etherpad (dt-berlin) and help in any ways you can. For today we got listed some of the most relevant UX improvements for P2PU’s website as to make things as simple (and fun) as possible.

Keep an eye on more stuff to come. Thanks again to Aleks and Phillipp for sharing ideas over art direction and branding!

Photo by CRASH:candy (CC BY-NC)

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