Standup Notes – 16 July 2012

16 July 2012 – Notes from Berlin Standup


This weekend was great, we went to the CIA listening tower
Today: The morning is email catchup. Then moving into operationalising plans for the fall – getting feedback on the handbook, writing the blog posts we’ve committed to doing.
Weekend was great – spent a lot of time inviting people to the School of Open mailing list
Today: Getting Piet and Molly up to date, and planning for the Open Sprint taking place next week.
Weekend was spent getting oriented
Today I’ll be working with Jane on School of Open planning, catching up on email and info gathering.
This weekend I did a lot of scheming and some programming.
On Friday I did mailing list/community stuff and today I’ll do the first mods to browser quest game, and I’ll be calling a tattoo parlour!
This weekend I went to London and did a lot of walking.
Today: I’ll be working on the log in part of the mentorship platform, exploring how the user interface aspect might look.
Weekend was super-great, slept for 5 hours [!]
Today I’ll be working on wireframing with Alex and Vanessa
Weekend was great – my wife arrived! Went to technical museum – saw exhibition on wind
Friday: notifications for course reviews, hopefully able to push that out today.
Today: Prep for the hackathon on Thurs – Sun
This weekend was all sleep and logistics
Today: get oriented, talk to Alex about mentorship stuff
Weekend: conference in Paris – innovating teaching through research
Today: Spend time with Joao and Alex looking at wireframes, perfomace reviews
Had a typical Berlin weekend – lots of walking, lots of scooting, lots of fun.
Today: Working on adding a “listen to this button” to the site, so that people can listen in to the community call
Had a good weekend, ate a lot of Paleo bread. Which tastes like marmite.
Today: Taxes, course promotion, things discussed with Jessy, email catch up.
Paul Osman:
Here to make a plan for the week’s work
Alex S:
Last week: redisgned fontsize and colours, worked on the branding
Working on some of the layout elements, two pages done, working on style guidelines.

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