Hier ist es möglich

This update was written by Chris Ewald, our new ninja sysadmin and frontend developer…

Lernanta now has a configured development environment! We are leveraging chef, vagrant, and git to create an automatically deployable environment.

For developers that want to contribute to p2pu, this gives us a simple and easy entry point for new code contributors. The wiki page to setup to environment https://github.com/p2pu/lernanta/wiki/Lernanta%27s-Setup-Install
becomes https://github.com/p2pu/lernanta-dev-env.
~30 steps to 4 – makes for much less potential problems.

Graduates from programming courses who want to contribute immediately, have an option to easily jump right into helping with lernanta code. Lowering barriers of entry.

These scripts are also the foundation for a consistent and automatically deployable environment for all of p2pu’s systems. We want a testing server? Another development server? We can spin one up quickly and easily. In the future, when we outgrow one web server, we will be able to spin up another one and load balance quickly and consistently.

We are now able to keep our system administration in sync with our lernanta code as well. If in a future we decide to from mysql to postgresql, we will update these deployment scripts to reflect that. Creating the server software with the lernanta code. We can also run old versions of code since, we have the server system hardware in sync with the code.

I’ve had a great time here in Berlin working on this project. Learned much about the beauty of configuration management with chef. Speaking of chef – I’ve been eating very very well, too. Rented a scooter for the month here. Scooting around Berlin in the summer…great. I have making progress with my goal to learn as much German as I can while I am here. hier ist es möglich.

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