Standup Notes from Berlin / 12 July 2012


  • Workshop stuff, ad words, Google analytics
  • Research on courses
  • Adwords analytics
  • Tech meeting, priorities for next couple weeks
  • Making everything into courses (new format – wireframes, mockups)
  • Finished dev script (servers can be spun off really quickly, entry to new developers really easy now)
  • People page today – working on CSS frameworks for site
Alex K
  • Coding
  • Onboarding process for mentorship program
  • Mentorship session, got good ideas
  • Finishing up mentor side of onboarding process, so more code
  • Integration work with p2pu platform
  • Planning logistics around Open Policy Institute and School of Open Meeting in Palo Alto in October
  • Planning School of Open points to cover when Mollly and Piet arrive Friday/Monday
  • School of Open digital sprint July 24 afternoon – date set
  • School of open meeting
  • Dirk’s performance review
  • Alan’s emerging workshops
  • Tech meeting
  • Alex’s mentorship meeting
  • Other Alex’s designs, more design today
  • Paris conference this weekend on elearning component of several universities (becoming one university)
  • Met with P
  • Tech meeting
  • Small changes to production server, slightly new variable – few more changes today
  • Technical blog post
  • Admin email, backlog – looking good around budget, happy days
  • Help desk
  • Fixing up plans around course promotion
  • Talks with Alex and Vanessa re content
  • Screenshots of badges, groups, etc. Doctoring website..
  • Finishing mind maps and journey map (drawing of interaction)
  • Feedback session toda
Museum visit at 4 today (Hamburger banoff)

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