Opening Bei Niels

This post was written by head chef Niels, and all photo credits go to Philipp.

One thing I’ve learned over the past few years about building communities is that they form way easier around a table full of food than around gmail addresses (though the latter seems to work well enough when  you toss building a peer based online education initiative into the mix.)

As we rather spend money on making P2PU more awesome than on restaurant bills, we decided to open a p2ppop-up restaurant while we are in Berlin. Bei Niels will open twice a week; one weekday for P2PU team meals and one weekend day, which will be open to p2pu and their friends.

As the day was filled with work on p2pu at the Agora offices, the menu of the first edition had to be prepared under a few restrictions: Bekka and Niels had 2 hours to mise-en-place before our first guests arrived and groceries had to be done at a nearby Turkish supermarket with some severe ingredient and fresh produce restrictions.

That said we managed to piece together a menu:

Salade Nielsoise; red onion, whatver beans are cheapest that day and canned tuna with apple ginger dressing.

Slow cooked Lemon-Thyme-Wine Chicken with roasted vegetables and potato gratin.

Duo of Turkish yoghurt, walnuts and Honey and Glazed Pineapple with black pepper and basil.

I would like to thank everyone for eating it, and if you’re interested in recipes PM me on p2pu 🙂





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