Standup Notes from Berlin / 11 July 2012

These notes were taken by Alex Kehayias – thanks, Alex! Photo, as always, by Jessy, the panorama ace. 


  • Finished another release
  • Today checking if it’s working
  • Technical blog post on the new stuff, notifications, etc
  • Discussing metrics needs
  • Opening of Bei Niels a success
  • Tonight is not on, need to figure out logistics
  • Almost done with the list of bios and people
  • Continue evaluating courses
  • Last day of a writing sprint on the open masters program
  • Process flow
  • Meetings about staff
  • Sent LOTS of email
  • Submitting proposals
  • Performance reviews start today
  • Meeting with Aleks to talk about design
  • Assessment plan for badges over the next year
  • Need to catch up on email
  • Mechanical MOOC script
  • Reimbursements finished
  • Finishing budget
  • Talking about the next round of promotions for the courses
  • Started looking at new concepts around Mechanical MOOC
  • Working on UX plan
  • In discover stage
  • Mind maps
  • Personas
  • Tomorrow starting ideation process
  • Working with Aleks closely on branding and design
  • Got feedback from team about Mechanical MOOC
  • Fixing up some bugs with MOOC
  • Adwords session at 2pm
  • Almost finished the script
  • Working on people page
  • Virtual sprint to have test courses for july 18th
  • Got most of Browser Quest game working locally
  • Continue working on that
  • Working more on content for Web Fest
  • Finished wireframes
  • Started coding
  • Finish up signup for mentors and students today
  • 4:30pm getting feedback from the group

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