Stand-up Notes from Berlin / 9 July 2012

While P2PU is spending a month in Berlin in July, we’ll be keeping you up-to-date with what we’re working on by posting notes from our daily standups. Everyday at 10am our team meets for 15 minutes to discuss what we did yesterday, what we’re working on today, and any blockers or dependencies we need to work through. Today’s notes were taken by Alan. 

Standup notes for 7/9/2012

Today we also asked “if P2PU had a spirit animal, what would it be?”


  • Yesterday: Copy for “About Us” page
  • Today: Looking for images for everyone, evaluating courses currently on P2PU
  • P2PU Spirit Animal: An awesome dragon (not just any dragon… an awesome dragon)


  • Yesterday: Very rough draft of the schools page
  • Today: Logistics for School of Open (starting mailing list, etc.), planning for Piet and Molly (arriving this week)
  • P2PU Spirit Animal: A chinese dragon


  • Yesterday: The mechanical MOOC works!
  • Today: Ad-words workshop
  • P2PU Spirit Animal: An ant hill


  • Yesterday: Development script coming along
  • Today: Finish that and work on “people” page


  • Just arrived. Front-end, back-end developer. Working on mentorship platform for connecting people who want to code with mentors.
  • Today: Won’t start coding until about Thursday, just having conversations to get ready to start working on that.

Martin Cadée

  • Just arrived. Friend of Alan’s. One of the founders of Knowmads in Amsterdam. Working with young people on helping them find their gift.
  • Today: Working on the Journey Network


  • Yesterday: Talked with Nadeem about metrics
  • Today: Discussion about metrics with stakeholders, wants to do release tomorrow (needs final copy of notifications and other things from others)
  • P2PU Spirit Animal: Leopard


  • Today: Paying some bills, goal setting / performance reviews
  • P2PU Spirit Animal: Treefrog


  • Yesterday: Learning Github, finished performance goals for the year, helped out Paul Allison with challenges he wants to run (wants to launch everything by August)
  • Today: Figuring out how to implement 22ish badges (needs help with logic), assessment critique, some content wrangling for the blog. Sam Allingham is giving a writing workshop today.
  • P2PU Spirit Animal: Octypus


  • Yesterday: WordPress, seed projects for the webfest
  • Today: “Particle Quest” game for understanding the universe. A lot of other words which we did not understand.
  • P2PU Spirit Animal: The Little Prince


  • Yesterday: Wrangled Blog, do more performance reviews
  • Today: Get to know Alex, work on metrics
  • P2PU Spirit Animal: Starfish


  • Yesterday: Social Innovation Series proposal
  • Today: Agenda / pricing for October workshop, more Open Masters handbook and schedule
  • P2PU Spirit Animal: Starfish

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