Stand-up Notes from Berlin / 5 July 2012

While P2PU is spending a month in Berlin in July, we’ll be keeping you up-to-date with what we’re working on by posting notes from our daily standups. Everyday at 10am our team meets for 15 minutes to discuss what we did yesterday, what we’re working on today, and any blockers or dependencies we need to work through. Today’s notes were taken by Philipp. 

Standup notes for 7/5/2012


  • Yesterday: Sorted out the IRS paperwork, other admin and moved content to the new blog, great meeting about a user’s “First 30 days” at P2PU
  • Today: Budget updates, performance review meeting, community call


  • Yesterday: Arrived
  • Today: Getting started on School of Open and getting through jetlag


  • Yesterday: Started working on showcase
  • Today: Finishing the showcase, figuring out other projects


  • Yesterday: First 30 days planning with Bekka, performance review meeting, mechanical MOOC copy, blog post
  • Today: School of Data meeting, define performance goals, research presentation for community call


  • Yesterday: Mechanical MOOC, courses / cohorts design
  • Today: More MechMOOC, email, courses / cohorts design meeting


  • Yesterday: Labs application process, schedule for OpenMasters
  • Today: More open masters scheduling, starting on the handbook


  • Yesterday: Reply by email feature for notifications, courses / cohorts design meeting
  • Today: Catching up on support tickets, continuing development


  • Yesterday: performance review meeting, worked on blog theme and content, first draft of design principles, courses / cohorts meeting
  • Today: school of ed call and concept, performance review BK, design

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