P2PU Summer Chats – De Universiteit

This year a small group of core P2PU team members and volunteers are spending a month in Berlin pretending that we are not a completely virtual distributed organization, but actually have a physical office. It’s day two and it rocks.

In addition to working together we are reaching out to the local networks in Berlin to meet new friends and collaborators. Day 1 brought Marien Baerveldt¬†from De Universiteit, a face-to-face learning project in Utrecht Netherlands. A lot of his ideas are directly related to the way P2PU works. One thing they do really well (and we could do better) is to structure a new community member’s trajectory from visiting the site, to starting to learn, to helping others learn. To make that process stickier, Vanessa (Learning Lead) and Bekka (Community Lead) are working on “A new user’s first 30 days at P2PU” here in Berlin.

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