P2PU Berlin Popup: Standup 7/4/2012

While P2PU is spending a month in Berlin in July, we’ll be keeping you up-to-date with what we’re working on by posting notes from our daily standups. Everyday at 10am our team meets for 15 minutes to discuss what we did yesterday, what we’re working on today, and any blockers or dependencies we need to work through. Today’s notes were taken by P2PU Product Manager John Britton.
Standup notes for 7/4/2012
  • Yesterday: CERN Webfest site populated with initial content, first database sent to J for analysis. (Releasing content on P2PU behavior for research.)
  • Today: Finish blog transition, Application form,  Top navigation bar
  •  Yesterday,  Transcribed interview for blog, mechanical mooc copy, setting goals for the year, worked on research presentation for community call.
  • Today: 9PM Burlesque / whiskey tasting/, Working on Navigation for the site
  •     Ignoring people for the morning to get some things done
  •     3PM Working on Courses / Challenges concretely, trying to understand what’s legacy vs wanted features
  •   Yesterday: Sat in a car and listened to hard techno on the way hitching from Amsterdam to Berlin
  •   Today: Figuring out what people are doing and figuring out what to apply myself to
  •   Yesterday: Salary, budget snapshots
  •   Today: reimbursements, budget stuff, pay IRS
  •   Yesterday: Met everyone
  •   Today: Working on 3-day retreat that happens right after getting off plane from Berlin
  •   Today: First draft of schedule for open masters
  •  Yesterday: Worked on new blog, Blog post about Marine visiting with video, Long conversations with Vanessa and Dirk, setting goals, technology team, and what we need in the mix as well as leadership and management
  •  Today: First version of performance review in
  •   Yesterday: Mechanical MOOC timezone support
  •   Today: Mechanical MOOC email component, Courses/Challenges discussion

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