Latin Libre: Trisfera Camp & P2PU

“We are convinced that to change the world we must first improve education. We firmly believe that education should be open and must be equal for all regardless of economic or social status of each.”

– Trisfera, Panama City

The totally awesome student group Trisfera of Panama is kicking off a cool mission today: “get people with little or no knowledge in web development to build a complete website in one summer.”  The group, which is dedicated to learning and development of web applications using free tools and open technologies, has set up a series of challenges on P2PU in addition to holding face-to-face meetings over the coming months.

The best part? You dont have to be in Panama City to participate, but you do need to read and write en español. Any interested person can take the Trisfera webcraft challenges on P2PU. By opening it up to the world at large they hope to “foster a collaborative learning environment where participants can share ideas, help each other and move at their own pace.”

Check out what people are experiencing at Trisfera Camp on Twitter #trisferacamp and see the first set of challenges created by the Trisfera folks on P2PU:


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