P2PU Ambassadors

How can an international, multi-lingual, time-zone spanning, generation-gapping volunteer learning community organize, unify, and continue to grow? Community member Dany Bautista of Bogota, Columbia might just have the answer. He has been busy at work developing an ambassador program for P2PU.

Here’s Dany’s outline of what an ambassador program could look like:

Profile of a P2PU Ambassador

Are you one of those people who’s always speaking about P2PU with your friends, teachers or family? Are you always trying to get more people to take P2PU courses or lead one themselves? Would you jump at the chance of speaking publicly about your experiences working with P2PU?

Becoming a P2PU ambassador may be your calling.

How did the ambassador idea develop?

During the past workshop in Berlin, several super heroes of education met to plan the future of P2PU, in which sprang ideas on innovation, schools, research and plans for the growth and empowerment of the community. In dealing with this last issue we we were looking at ways to support people who feel great excitement about P2PU and have made an effort to spread the word. An ambassador program would formalize the role for the community member and give them greater support to get the word out.

Dany speaking at Campus Party this summer in Bogota, Columbia.

What would an Ambassador do?

An ambassador would identify themselves for the role, and do it only for as long as they pleased. Your work would look like this:

  • Identify events related to our mission and receive recognition as a spokesperson for in your country / region.
  • Solicit specific project presentations, templates, videos, to improve your community and your leadership.
  • Obtain reimbursement for producing posters, flyers, buttons, badges and tshirts
  • Be in contact with other ambassadors and develop projects together with P2PU support.

How can you become a P2PU ambassador?

We are preparing the official launch of the program, and finishing the details soon. Until then continue your work with P2PU – or if you’re new get involved!

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