Featured Courses at P2PU – 2 December 2011

This week we have some brilliant new courses and challenges on offer, which are guaranteed to feed your body as well as your mind. For you, for free. Because we really do care that much.

CSET Science and Math
Many countries and all states in the United States qualify their teachers by requiring that they pass a subject-matter exam. Along with our good friends at The University of California, Irvine OpenCourseWare project we’re providing moderated study groups for CSET Science Subtest I (Astronomy, Earth Sciences and Physics), Science Subtest II (Biology, Ecology and Chemistry) and Math Subtest III (Trigonometry and Calculus) . So whether you need a refresher or are studying for an actual exam, these may be the places for you. Explore the resource, post your questions, answer the problems and ask for help.

Arduino: Build and Hack the Planet
Learn electronics, programming, and hacking with an Arduino board – a new kind of open source, open hardware technology. It can go wherever you go, to do whatever its builders and programmers design. The course will livestream a built project for you to program over the web. Totally sign up if:  you build things and want to make them smart like robots;  you are a student, artist, or teacher interested in science and technology; you can code but want to try building things in real life.

New Challenges To Get Your Teeth Into:

A celebration of human achievement. This is not a joke! We are born to learn. Let’s celebrate and recognize this!
This challenge might just help us all learn a lot about the P2PU.

Learning to Cook

Cooking lessons for beginning cooks. The purpose of this challenge is to present a series of step-by-step “missions” that teach inexperienced cooks basic cooking skills and techniques.
The goal of the challenge is to enable students to cook basic meals for themselves by the end.
If you’re interested in these, or any other P2PU courses or challenges, just head over to p2pu.org and jump right in!

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