Featured courses at P2PU this week

We’re back! After a couple of week’s hiatus, P2PU is delighted to announce that we’ve got a raft of great new courses and challenges for y’all to peruse, ponder, consider and mull over.
And if any of you are confused, perturbed or stumped by the difference between a course and a challenge, have a look at the Webcraft intro page for a brief explanation.

New Courses
Blogging and Writing for the Web
This course was so popular, it’s been cloned! The cloned group aims to support people wanting to develop confidence and better writing habits for blogs and websites.
This group will help you feel more confident about blogging, both professionally and personally.

Classical Music: Exploration and Appreciation
This collaborative study group is meant for anyone who wants to know more about classical music. Members will be able to participate in three ways: read about the history of classical music, composers and instruments, listen to classical pieces and write about your reactions and thoughts and share these ideas for continued discussion.

Get Involved in Open Source
Learn the technical skills and community norms used by open source projects — and then join one! In this course, you will learn the basic skills needed to contribute to an open source project. You don’t have to be a programmer, and you’ll get group support and guidance as you get started contributing to a real project of your choice! This event is organized by OpenHatch, a community project that is making open code communities easier to join.

If you’re interested in this, or any other P2PU courses, just head over to p2pu.org and jump right in!

Get Involved

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