School of Education Update

Post by P2PU Community Member Karen Fasimpaur.

There have been some exciting things going on at the School of Education courses on P2PU that we want to share.

In Multimedia and Graphics to Facilitate Deeper Learning, developer and facilitator Steve O’Connor, a fifth grade teacher in New York, has developed a series of excellent interactive videos just for this course.

They cover research on multimedia and graphics for learning. This should interest anyone who develops or uses multimedia content development. Participants in this class include teachers and multimedia specialists.

The goal of the course is to help educators create more effective multimedia by applying learning research to what they produce. The interactive videos provide a means of understanding important principles without a large investment of time.

Several of the School of Ed courses are conducting synchronous webinars. Some webinars have featured expert guest speakers while others have focused more on group conversation. Participants have said that these webinars have helped build community and foster peer learning in these courses.

Finally, several School of Ed courses have included collaborative projects in which participants are working together to build something. As one example, in the Using Web 2.0 and Social Media to Encourage Deeper Learning course, participants are working together to build a K-12 Social Media and Deeper Learning Framework to synthesize what they are learning. This wiki will be a practical guide about how to use social and participatory web-based technologies can help promote deeper learning in education.

So as you can see, we are up to lots of interesting things at the School of Ed. We are also beginning to plan for the expansion of this program. We’d love to hear from you about ideas and directions we might go to make this most useful to you.

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