P2PU Call for courses: Start learning with your peers in April!

What have you always wanted to learn about and never got around to taking a course in?

The Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU) wants you to get involved in organising the next cycle of courses for 18 April. If you’ve got an idea for a course, study group or workshop you’d like to participate in, simply create a course plan or view existing course drafts to see how fellow organisers are planning their courses. If you feel like you need more support in developing your course, we invite you to join the orientation where experts will be on hand to help you out. Courses are scheduled to begin after 18 April, but feel free to propose start dates and course lengths that suit your schedule.

P2PU is  a global community and platform for learning, where all activities are free and open. Together, we’re teaching and learning everything from mathematics to web development to literature, using open educational resources and learning in study groups. P2PU is run by our global community of volunteers who believe that the best way to learn is from and with other people, no matter where in the world you are. P2PU uses peer learning and open content to scale quality education beyond the traditional institution.

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