P2PU now in session!

It’s a new year with a new set of courses, organizers, and peers for P2PU! The first P2PU cycle of 2011 kicked off today, with over 40 courses—8 from the School of the Mathematical Future, 5 from the School of Social Innovation, and 26 from the School of Webcraft. Since the last cycle, we have grown by two schools,  several courses and many, many peers.
Given past experience, we can expect some attrition, but we still think it’s pretty darn impressive for a university comprised of volunteers!
In other news, P2PU held its first ever working meet-ups in the UK and the Big Apple. The UK meet-up took place at the MK  art gallery in Milton Keynes on Sunday and focused on research, a new FAQ, and discussions around a tech lead for P2PU. The NYC meet-up took place at a warehouse in Brooklyn next to lots of vacant lots and starving artists and 15 degree (Farenheit) weather. More in-depth coverage of the meeting is available at the NYC Observer, but here’s what happened in nutshell:
“Thanks to the work of volunteers, P2PU hopes to launch a website redesign soon to make the platform prettier and more usable, as well as a comprehensive badge system so students can get college credit for classes or have a certification to show a potential employer.”
In addition, we made some progress on a Showcase of courses and peers, the P2PU Orientation process, and cleaning up some of the existing site.

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