New P2PU Courses Are Now Open!

In case you haven’t noticed, sign-up for P2PU courses have officially opened! We have a lot of courses this cycle, so if you’d like to learn how to collaboratively build lesson plans online, finally get around to learning some basics about copyright law, or are curious about what constitutes “math art”–then head on over to and check out the open courses list .

How do I sign up?
It’s pretty simple: there’s a big APPLY button next to each course listed. Click on it once you find the course you’re interested in, and follow the application instructions. Each course is different and has a different sign-up task, including additional information you will need to know about the course. Just because you can become a “member” of the course, does not mean you are a part of the course yet; you must go through the official application process and your course application must be approved by the course organizer.

Courses start on the 26th of January (a Wednesday), and sign-ups will close sometime before then, depending on the course. Happy course shopping until then!

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