Featured Course: Open Journalism and the Open Web

Exciting news: Mozilla, Hacks/Hackers, Medill School at Northwestern University, and The Media Consortium are collaborating to run “Open Journalism & the Open Web,” a FREE, six-week interactive online course that will bring together journalists and programmers. Registration is now open. Limited space is available — there are spaces for twenty programmers and twenty journalists — and registration is first-come, first-served.

Register today at P2P:  http://p2pu.org/general/open-journalism-open-web

Course start date: September 15, 2010
Course end date:   October 27, 2010

This course is great opportunity to learn from peers and subject-matter experts about the ways that technology is changing news production, and how these changes can be integrated into your work. Here’s the tentative course outline:

+ The fundamentals of journalism and coding
+ Project management
+ Edit it. Fork it. The art of collaboration and journalism
+ Big Ugly Datasets For Thumb-Fingered Journalists
+ Maps. Maps. Everywhere
+ Data journalism and government

The course will focus on practical opportunities to put your skills as a professional journalist, or professional programmer, to work. You’ll also have the opportunity learn directly from other professionals through hands-on assignments and a weekly conference call with news innovation experts. (The course readings, online participation, and a seminar are expected to require roughly 4-6 hours per week.)

Register today at Peer2Peer University

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