Parla Italiano at P2PU this week – 20 August 2010

Last week’s newsletter was painful. I needed a break. We all did. So let us return to the simple things, to bread, tomatoes and cheap red wine, to black and white. To suspenders. And to Google Translate, which turns out to be the perfect complement to Adriano Celentano, one of my dad’s favorite singers (yes, it has come to this).

In the most beautiful dream you’re only you > But how do you know it’s a dream, and how do you know it’s only you? Well, you need research to find that out. And thanks to Erin and Nathan from UC Berkeley, there will be a lot more research coming to P2PU, helping us to keep the dream beautiful.

You are like a shadow that will never return > But it appears that you are returning, to run your courses again. The list keep growing, but Delia is currently activating her global network of lawyers, Larry will once again offer to help people run election campaigns, and Laurian and Nadeem just stated they are bringing back the crowd favorite Cyberpunk course. Hooray. All courses:

Sad are the swallows in the sky as they go to sea > But sad are not the T-Shirts as they go out to the overseas. And we will only be sad if the t-shirts get lost on the way – which is very possible given the South African postal service. Fingers crossed. Photo:

I will not go anymore, when we finally … > When we finally what? It remains unclear, at least in the English translation. But maybe he is saying that he will not go away from our website, because the course home page is finally starting to look AWESOME. Sneak preview here, but it’s all on one page now, it’s clean and sleek, and you can send the course description into the twitter sphere with one click (tempting, but please don’t click yet).

Now that I’m thinking my tomorrow > I don’t know what that means, but Alison is running a kick-ass orientation seminar not tomorrow, but today (right now in fact). We already had a tokbox session on Tuesday, and the new course organizers are great. Join the very lively discussion about new courses if you haven’t already:

But this song fly to the sky > Fly to the sky everyone. Have a great weekend!

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