Save the Date!

No, it’s not the wedding of the year, but P2PU might be your match made in heaven.
We’ve made some changes to our schedule for the proposal and launch of new courses, and we thought we should let you know:

  • 16 Aug – 3 Sep: Course building time. This is also the time that we’ll be running the New Course Organiser Orientation.
  • 30 Aug – 3 Sep: Peer review for all courses
  • 25 Aug: Announcement of courses and sign-up
  • 25 Aug – 8 Sep: Sign-up open
  • 8 – 10 Sep: Review of sign-ups, preparations for course start
  • 10 Sep: Participants are informed
  • 15 Sep: Courses start
  • 27 Oct: Courses close

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