Featured Course: Managing Election Campaigns

Today’s featured course is for all you West Wing fans, fledgling pundits and political beasts. Originally titled “How to Win An Election with $2.00 and a pint of Cooking Oil”, the course is now called Managing Election Campaigns, and it guarantees to be fascinating.

This course covers the mechanics of managing election campaigns, including campaign organization, campaign finance, analyzing and using voter data, using direct mail, scripting telephone contact, managing volunteers, and understanding the legal environment. The project for the course will be to work from a California template and map the similarities and differences for each course participant’s jurisdiction. The course is offered with two caveats: (1) many of the techniques will scale to larger election campaigns, but others will not; and (2) the legal environment around voter data is critical to any data-driven voter contact effort.

Sign up for courses closes on February 28th, so make sure you get to the new p2pu site, and make your mark.

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