The Courses are Coming!

Things are hotting up at P2PU and the second round of courses are nearly ready to be made public. Course organisers and their mentors have been working feverishly to get courses designed and start gathering materials, and in the next few days, the community will be reviewing the proposals and helping shape them into some really special learning opportunities.

While we can’t quite let the cat out of the bag yet, we can let a couple of juicy details slip out:

  • There will be 13 courses this cycle, ranging from favourites from last cycle, like Creative Non-Fiction and Cyberpunk Literature to exciting new options like Introduction to Economics & Finance to the intriguingly named Mashing Up The Open Web.
  • Not all the courses are going to be in English… in fact, P2PU is proud to announce the first batch of Portuguese courses will be running in Cycle 2, organised by our friends at the Casa de Cultura Digital in Brazil.
  • Anyone interested in taking a course will be able to sign up from the 12 February 2010.

Does that whet your appetite? We thought it might. Keep an eye on this blog, the p2pu website and Twitter  for more exciting announcements and updates.

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