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Total Eclipse of the Week at P2PU – 13 August 2010

You wanted it. And you got it. Although it wasn’t an easy choice. At P2PU we know exactly what it means when you gotta be strong and you gotta be fast. But we went with something else, because we like white doves, black ninjas (why ninjas?) and are not afraid to show our vulnerability, because…

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Now, what you hear is not a test. It’s the real thing: the week with P2PU

24 – 30 July 2010 The week’s lyrical theme is admittedly a little harder, but us let us transport you back to the days when the neon dance floor was alight. And remember, the beat don’t stop till the break of dawn. I don’t mean to brag. I don’t mean to boast. But we like…

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