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Chicago Public Library kicks off the third round of Learning Circles

15 CPL librarians will launch Learning Circles in their respective branches this April. Courses on offer include some repeats from last year such as Public Speaking, Intro to HTML/CSS, and Fiction Writing, as well as 4 new courses: Pre-College English; Try College 101; Resume, Networking, and Interview Skills; and Finance for Everyone: Smart Tools for…

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Learn How to (Re)Use Open Educational Resources – in 3 Languages!


A little while back, we announced that P2PU was partnering with a group of European Universities and other online education experts from Belgium, Greece, Poland, Sweden and the UK to launch ExplOERer, a new course on how to create Open Educations Resources (OERs). This course is being presented in English, Polish and Swedish (it’s a…

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Presenting: ExplOERer – a Course on How to Create OERs


P2PU is super-proud to be partnering with six European institutions, under the Erasmus+ programme to present a course which will teach users to search, build and use their own Open Educational Resources. And in 3 different languages too! Learning to (Re)-Use Open Educational Resources is an online course which has been developed by a consortium…

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P2PU Featured in 2016 U.S. Department of Education National Ed Tech Plan

Image courtesy of the US Office of Educational Technology

    P2PU and Chicago Public Library’s Learning Circles Project are featured in the recently released 2016 U.S. Department of Education National Education Technology Plan, the flagship educational technology policy document of the United States. Examples of organisations using technology to transform learning were drawn from expert interviews, stakeholder focus groups, and recommendations from education leaders across the country….

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Learning Circles Round II launch in Chicago

Participants in one of the pilot Learning Circles

We’re delighted to announce the next round of Learning Circles – face-to-face study groups for people who want to work together through online content. And this time, we’ve gone big – we’re running Circles in 12 branches of the Chicago Public Library. After the success of our pilot round in the Spring, and with the…

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P2PU the Face2Face Way

Working the code...
pic by Juehua Yin on Flickr, CC BY NC SA.2-

As many of you know, in spring 2015 we ran an altered version of our very successful project “Mechanical MOOC”.  At the heart of this MOOC we offered a course titled  A Gentle Introduction to Python. It is a six week course offering exercises and learning materials from MIT OCW’s course combined with Codecademy exercises…

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Graduation Day for Learning Circles!

Dawn Mayfield and Paula Ivy-Onadeko, two of the first group of Learning Circles grads.

The week marks the end of the first round of Learning Circles, and we’re delighted to announce that it is graduation week for the first-ever cohort of  participants. For the last 6 weeks, P2PU and Chicago Public Library have been running Learning Circles, where participants meet face-to-face in libraries to work through online courses together,…

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Roundtable on Learning Circles – June 12th

pic by Maythee Anegboonlap on Flickr, CC BY -SA 2.0

We’re reaching the end of our first round of Learning Circles, the face-to-face learning experiences which we have been running with our brilliant partners at the Chicago Public Library for the past six weeks. We’ve learnt a lot, and are excited to  share our experiences with you all. We’ll be discussing what happens in a Circle,…

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Peer Learning done face to face

Learning Circles at Chicago Public Library

    Learning Circles are facilitated study groups for learners who want to complete online courses together, in-person. Learning Circles are: free peer-supported facilitated by a non-content expert designed to be taken with few prerequisites hosted in a publicly-accessible space Why Learning Circles? There are a wealth of high-quality, free, online courses out there. And…

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Learning, right out of the box…

Pic by sⓘndy° on Flickr, CC BY SA

Or, How to P2PU Idea + Course = Course Builder for All For a while, we’ve noticed that our partners and community were asking for a course that would teach them how to build a P2PU-style course, right out of the box, which could be opened up and was full of all the peer-learning, community-supported,…

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