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Beware: Data On the Loose…

pic by bixentro on Flickr, CC BY, 2.0 P2PU is proud to announce that we have just put our very first data release up on the web for free sharing and reuse. This release was created with the help of our brilliant collaborators June Ahn, Sarah Ann Webster, and Brian Butler  from the Center for the Advanced… Continue Reading →

Peer What? A discussion about Peer Learning

We’ve got a special edition of the P2PU Community Call coming up this Thursday 3rd April, at 8AM US Pacific Time. We’re going to be talking Peer Learning this week – what it means, why it’s important, and how we do it. As preparation, please start by reading this: – an oldie, but a good… Continue Reading →

Priorities for P2PU: Our Strategic Plan

Over the last few months we’ve been reflecting a lot on who we are and what we do.  At our annual face-to-face meeting in 2013, we took some time to refine this – think about what we’re good at, what’s been working for our community, and what we want to do next. Since then, we’ve… Continue Reading →

P2PU is looking for an Executive Director

Peer 2 Peer University is looking for its next Executive Director. The successful applicant will direct the organization’s ongoing innovative activities, manage staff and define overall strategy based on new opportunities and needs. As P2PU is a small virtual organisation with 5 staffers who are located in 3 continents, this position is not tied to… Continue Reading →

#Rhizo14′s Secret Sauce: Unraveling Learning on the Web

rhizomatic learning course cover

Quick Friday post on how things are progressing in the “Rhizomatic Learning” course on, brought to you by the edupunk sparkplug Dave Cormier. With the proliferation of learning platforms on the web and abundance of resources, Dave envisioned a course where the “community is the curriculum.” Rhizomatic learning asks us to rethink our assumptions… Continue Reading →

Mindsets and Motivation: 2014, Start Your Engines


The Motivation Landscape. In the wake of Badges, the spectre of behaviorism, and the proliferation of learning platforms on the web, how are we as practitioners and researchers to move forward in light of what we’ve learned? How have recent discussions about motivation, growth mindsets, and malleable intelligence affect how we design for learning? What’s… Continue Reading →

Rhizomatic Learning at P2PU

We’re delighted (and more than a little dazzled) to announce that Dave Cormier will be running a course on Rhizomatic Learning at P2PU starting this month. Not sure what Rhizomatic Learning is? Then this is the course for you, of course… In a nutshell though – Rhizomatic learning is a story of how we can learn… Continue Reading →

Hello, Carl!

photo Carl 5

We’d like to introduce a new face in the P2PUniverse, Carl Ruppin. Most of your have met Carl already, but we thought it was time to give him a proper welcome. Carl has joined us as strategy advisor and operations expert and will be helping us turn good ideas on PostIts and Google Docs into real,… Continue Reading →

How To Build a Mechanical MOOC

Image CC-BY-SA John Greenaway

Ever wondered what the secret is to building a successful MOOC? Believe it or not, you don’t need a ton of money and a specially designed platform. In fact, P2PU and our collaborators and friends at MIT OpenCourseWare and Open Study have managed to deliver introductory Python courses to over 3000 students for less than it… Continue Reading →