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Badges and beyond – Linkedin and other credentialing ideas

image: Dennis Wong on Flickr, CC BY 2.0

As regular readers would know, P2PU was an early and active developer of a badges platform, fostering an ecosystem for micro-credentialling that remains in use to this day. Finding fast and flexible ways to report mastery of skills that matter remains a challenging problem.  We are always chuffed, then, to see learners finding new ways…

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Using P2PU to Badge Swedish Educators’ MOOC

    This is a guest post from Sara Mörtsell, Education Manager at Wikimedia Sweden, and part of the informal online community of Educators in Sweden As our Swedish MOOC for Educators, “Digitala Skollyftet” is nearing the end, some great projects have been awarded the Digitala Skollyftet Badge at P2PU. I’d like to take this opportunity to…

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Mindsets and Motivation: 2014, Start Your Engines


The Motivation Landscape. In the wake of Badges, the spectre of behaviorism, and the proliferation of learning platforms on the web, how are we as practitioners and researchers to move forward in light of what we’ve learned? How have recent discussions about motivation, growth mindsets, and malleable intelligence affect how we design for learning? What’s…

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We Made it to 100–Badge Creation Increased 200% in July

Over the past few months, we’ve been working to make slick, usable and flexible. We shipped OBI compliance, course integration with iframe embedding, and a new Badgemaker course to help folks get started. All this is to say: we’ve had Badges on the brain, and our next initiative was to get the word out to the…

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Open Video Course Sprint in Berlin for School of Open

I wanted to write a quick post outlining the process of a ‘course sprint’. I think this methodology can be of use to emerging groups of on-line educators creating open education resources (OERs). This course sprint process was inspired and informed by the Book Sprint process developed by Adam Hyde of FLOSS Manuals. Background The…

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