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Introducing Marvin

Image CC-BY-SA John Greenaway

At the start of the year we spent some time on behind the scenes work. We had a long overdue software upgrade that we needed to perform on our main server. At the same time we took the opportunity to improve how we maintain the systems to run the tools we use for P2PU. Maintaining…

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Our technology plan in a post Mayan era

How all good tech strategies begin - with a couch and some ideas

It’s that time of year when we reflect on what we have done the past year and plan for the year ahead. Before we tell you about the projects that will be happening in 2013, we should talk a bit about our overarching strategy for technology. We build tools for open learning on the web…

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Future of lernanta

We’ve had many discussions about what we would like to achieve with Lernanta and where we want to take it in the future. This is our current take on it: Our technology supports people who make learning happen! Who are these mysterious folks? Broadly, they create opportunities for others to learn. By the way, this…

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Lernanta release 2012-08-08

Hooray! We have a new rolled out some changes over at! Here’s a quick rundown of what changed: First and foremost: our very first version of our API! For now it is read only, meaning that people can see thing but they cannot change things. We are exposing things that are already publicly visible…

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