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Imagine a world where the university is your local library


While we love online learning, we recognize that for some it can be intimidating and impersonal. Not only are you learning a new topic, but you have to learn new tools and new ways to communicate. Online learning communities can have their own lingo and ways of interacting, just like any ‘real-world’ community.  For many…

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How to use GitHub Pages to Build Your Open Online Course and Community

Pic by Nomadic Lass on Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

    Disclaimer: This post will require you to tolerate some techie words and be encouraged to do some technical things.  The level of skill required is ‘click buttons’ not ‘type magic words’. We are always investigating better ways to help you to create open online learning communities. Part of that means creating a home…

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Release Notes: tagging, languages, another School… happy days!

A small little release went through today, but hopefully the impact will be felt What changed you ask? First and foremost, the learn page receive a bit of attention! 10 points if you can point out whats different… ok, I will tell you. Language preferences for course listings are simplified and persistent. The default is to look for…

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